ZiP™ 100% Life Kit
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ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
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ZiP Rail Bundle
ZiP Std. Fixed Sight Rail
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ZiP 100% Life Kit
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ZiP Mag ZX-30 Complete Factory upgrade
ZiP Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade Kit for BX-25
ZiP MAXIM Orange Action Hold Back
ZiP MAXIM Orange Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade Kit for BX-25
ZiP Suppressor Barrel Kit
ZiP Upgrade Kit ver. 1.0.1 aka Version 101 Kit
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ uses 10/22® Mags… you already own… even the new BX-25
Picture to show the placement of the Ruger® BX-1 Magazine.

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ZiP™ 100% Life Kit

ZiP™ will provide the most enjoyment when properly maintained. ZiP engineers believe that ZiP has an unlimited* life. Certain components are meant to be replaced (in the field) as they fatigue or wear, (most pistol manufacturers suggest a 5000 round life) so certain parts are engineered to be a simple replacement at nominal cost, restoring ZiP to 100% Life.

Just like tires on your car, they need to be replaced after a certain amount of tread wear. The replacement of these basic components varies with use especially due to ammo selection, care and maintenance, etc. ZiP™ engineers believe that ZiP™ has an unlimited* life when properly maintained.

To maintain ZiP™ operating at 100% simply follow the recommendations on cleaning and maintenance and replace these components about every 2,500 (CCI Stingers, etc.)  - 5,000 (All other rounds.) Due to ammo some may find replacement necessary earlier, middle or later. The ZiP™ is a “tuned or balanced action” and especially the springs, etc, do not have an unlimited life.  

*unlimited life means as long as the 100% Life Kits™ are maintained/upgraded, ZiP™ has a near unlimited service life.

ZiP™ 100% Life Kit™ includes: (Full Set of ALL Springs)

(4) Recoil Springs -2 each of the High Velocity and (2) Low Velocity (lighter) springs.

(1) Striker Spring (note: also acts as recoil reduction in recoil phase)

(1) Safety Detent Spring

(1) Striker Guide Rod

(1) Recoil Body Guide Rod (backwards facing pin)

(1) ZiP™ Mag Drum (has multiple wear surfaces, about 10,000 mag loading cycles (100,000 rds.) total performance)

(1) ZiP™ Mag Drum Spring (replacement ensures best retention)

(1) ZiP™ Recoil Body (Use ZiPGage™ System- (Cross Bolt Safety) to check head space) see Page 42-47 of the ZiP Operator Manual + Guide.

ZiP™ is also equipped with its own unique access to parts and cleaning kit. NOTE: No tools removal of the standard top, gains access to the 3/32 takedown tool storage pocket in the underside of the top and the top also functions as your barrel nut wrench. Do not over tighten or you may strip the wrench.

When you disassemble in the proper manner, i.e. "Basic Maintenance".... no need to split the frame halves apart, you can remove and clean these functional area components: 

  • Recoil System (Load and Re-strike rods, springs, recoil body, etc)
  • Striker System (Striker, striker spring, striker rod and block)
  • Trigger Components (Removal of striker system gains access thru top to trigger components (sear and re-set bar and following drop safety)
  • Magazine Well (cleaning the 3 positive alignment strips and mag drum from debris buildup)
  • ZiP™ Recoil Body (Removal and cleaning of the bolt face from all carbon buildup)
  • Barrel System, (Barrel, barrel nut, barrel support plate and backwards facing pin)
  • Cleaning Rod Kit, (Composed of the striker rod and backwards facing pin you can use these as a push rod combination to clean the 5.25 inch barrel. Striker rod upgrades may be threaded for this purpose in future; backwards facing pin may be threaded for lanyard loop retention upgrade also in future.)
  • Full disassembly recommended periodically (about every 1000 rounds )to remove buildup of debris and ensure normal operation. See page 37 - 47 of the ZiP Operator Manual + Guide. (Basic Cleaning Recommended every 300-500 rounds, or as needed). See page 30- 37 of the ZiP Operator Manual + Guide)

See the ZiP Operator Manual + Guide page 42 through page 46 for more information on how to maintain your ZiP™.22 ver. 1.0 Modular Weapon System.

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ZiP Life Kit

Upgrade for Ruger BX-25 Magazine
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What Can ZiP™ Do? - A Lot!
ZiP with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP™ with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP Gun with optional accessories

Above: ZiP™ Gun BlueZiP™ Alien Grey, and ZiP™ Gun Coyote.

ZiP Mag ZX-30
ZiP with ZiPPic Rail
ZiP with ZiPNite Rail
ZiP with ZiPSBR Rail
BattleZiP shown in storage position.
BattleZiP™ shown in storage position.
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