ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Ghost Rail Standard Fixed Sight
ZiP Rail Bundle
ZiP Std. Fixed Sight Rail
ZiPNite Rail
ZiP™ Operator Upgrades
BattleZiP Survival SBR
ZiP 100% Life Kit
ZiP Action Hold Back
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Mag ZX-10 Round Compliant 10+10
ZiP Mag ZX-15 Round Compliant 15+10
ZiP Mag ZX-30 Magazine 20 + 10
ZiP Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade Kit for Ruger® BX-25®
ZiP Upgrade Kit ver. 1.0.1 aka Version 101 Kit
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ uses 10/22® Mags… you already own… even the new BX-25
Picture to show the placement of the Ruger® BX-1 Magazine.

Designed + Engineered + Made in USA.
US + Foreign Patents Pending.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from ZiPFactory™

ZiPFactory™ has received enormous attention from our web launch and we thank you for your interest.

Many hundreds of questions on various topics have helped to develop the following Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section below.

If you need further details, or wish to ask another question please feel free to contact ZiPFactory directly by clicking here.

1. Where did ZiP™ come from? And how was it developed? 

Answer: ZiP™ was developed as a new Firearm from a new Company - USFA/ZiPFactory, LLC. Demand in the market is high for a fun .22 pistol which brings new engineering solutions to reduce cost and provide safety and a great day at the range where you can shoot all day without breaking the budget of cost minded consumers. 

At ZiPFactory™, we believe consumers just want to pull the trigger as affordably as they can . . . all day long. Developed by our own engineers inside ZiPFactory™, the ZiP™ has very few internal components. ZiP™ is both US + Foreign Patent Pending with several innovative features never before possible - until now.

2. How does ZiP™ work? Different than other .22s? 

Answer: Well, from a functional standpoint, ZiP™ is a “Pure” blowback design. Meant to function with a wide range of common ammunition and a few specialty .22 rounds as well. ZiP™ has no slide, so it has no "over the hand travel" like most other guns. And zero possibility of slide bite. Also, ZiP™ has no moving parts on the top so it allows for a very unique system of rails and adaptability. ZiPPic™, ZiPNite™ (Glock style sight provisions), and ZiPSBR™ (Approved ATF Form 1 for legal use). See #7 Below.

The forward charging system provides LOAD and Re-Strike capabilities and is fully ambidextrous. Left handers simply switch sides and rotate the text panels to read correctly. See the ZiP Operator Manual + Guide for more.

3. What is the New ZiP-Action? And how many safeties are in ZiP™?

Great question. Answer: The ZiP-Action™ is a simplified straight pull trigger (no winding trigger bar around a magazine well. . .) striker-fired action with 5 safeties. The "reset" length is among the shortest in industry (about 1/10 of an inch) and the trigger pull after reset is the same shot to shot.

When you pull the trigger, the firing channel remains blocked for nearly the entire stroke, opposite of all striker fired Glock type systems. If you choose to release the trigger and not fire you remain blocked the entire time.

4. What magazine does ZiP™ use?

Answer: ZiP™ has been tested with New Ruger Rotary BX-1 (10 Shot) magazine and CCI Blazer 40 Grain -or CCI Mini Mag 40 Grain Ammunition. Untold millions have been produced since the 1960's and for many shooters this was their first firearm. The Ruger BX-25 will need the ZiP ZX-30 Upgrade Kit to provide enough spring pressure- that kit is NOW AVAILABLE- Contact your Local Dealer.

5. Can ZiP™ use a suppressor? 

Answer: YES. ZiP™ has an amazing ability to quick change barrels without fully disassembling the gun. ZiP™ Operators will simply remove one screw (using the supplied wrench stored in the standard top) and pop off the rear cover and after removing the recoil body and barrel nut, slide the barrel out to the rear.

ZiPFactory™ has plans to offer a suppressor friendly accessory barrel in the near future.

6. We see rods on top of the barrel, What are these used for?

Answer: These are the Load and Re-Strike Rods. They are positioned above and behind the barrel muzzle. By simply pushing the rods-- ZiP™ Operators can activate the action, perform unlimited re-strike, are ambidextrous and provide a method to decock and/or lock the striker and trigger- another ZiP™ Innovation.

7. ZiP™ appears to have several modular interchangeable tops?

Answer: Yes. ZiP™ has a unique system of rails. ZiP™ Std Rail, ZiPPic™Rail, ZiPNite™Rail (Glock style sight provisions), and **ZiPSBR™Rail (Approved Form 1 for legal use). Each rail has a purpose. The ZiPPic™ allows you to attach any type of red dot heads up display on its standard picatinny rail dimensions, and is used as the locating rail for the BattleZiP™ **SBR Survival Stock. While the **ZiPSBR™ Rail allows the ZiP Operator™ to attach ZiP™ to another platform such as a AR-15 or SCAR.

** Note: SBR stands for a special classification of weapon (In this case a pistol) when transformed into an SBR- or Short Barreled Rifle. As such, purchase -or- possession of a rail or a stock does not require an Approved ATF Form 1, however, USE OF THOSE COMPONENTS while in combination with ZiP™ (attached to another platform) e.g. AR-15/SCAR or BattleZiP™ SBR Stock, requires the user to satisfy two separate issues for legal use. 1) is overall length of the entire platform of 26 inches, 2) is barrel length of a minimum of 16 inches. ZiP™ has only a 5.25 inch barrel "Short barrel rifle" when attached) and so the Approved ATF Form 1 (cost $200) is required for LEGAL USE. 

8. Is ZiP™ comfortable to shoot? 

Answer: Yes. ZiP™ has a blocky look, but this is deceiving. Held in the hand properly, as shown in the ZiP Operator™ Manual + Guide, ZiP™ is quite comfortable and once the ZiP Operator is familiar with its controls Operators naturally perform various chamber checks and safety SOP's quite easily.

9. How heavy is ZiP™ 

Answer: ZiP™ weights less than a pound, (.95 of a pound, 15.2 oz, 430.9 grams) actually, unloaded condition. Means your ability to carry useful ammo and not gun mass is important here.

10. How long is ZiP's barrel? 

Answer: ZiP™ has a barrel of 5.20 inches long. Impressive when you consider most .22's on the market today only have barrels of 3.8 inches for the comparable size. ZiP's frame length is only 5.9 inches and averages about 1.2 wide.

11. It says in the ZiP™Operator Manual + Guide that ZiP™ comes with 2 sets of recoil springs. Which ammo did you find worked best? 

Answer: ZiP™ does in fact come with (2) separate spring weights, Target (Installed) and High Velocity - However- Perform the breakin process-with the installed Low Power Spring set and adjust for your different loadings- for example- try CCI Stingers with High Velocity and test performance.

Top Premium Load is CCI Mini Mag, 1235 fps, 40 gr CCI Blazer 40 Gr is a Superior Choice--.ZiPFactory™ recommends Top Bulk loads for both Target and High Velocity as well. Check the ZiP™Operator Manual + Guide for more.

12. When can I have my ZiP™? Can I choose my color?

Answer: ZiPFactory™ is working to deliver to our Distributors of ZiP™  

BASIC Black is the first load out color of the new ZiP™ and ZiP Operator Accessories. Other colors are now Launched- COYOTE TAN and ALIEN GREY are now Shipping.

Check back often to the main site for more information and updates.

13. ZiP available for EXPORT-?

Answer: YES, but certain restrictions and ITAR REGULATIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED. Please contact your sales representative.



14. How do I tell the Target and High Velocity Springs apart?

Answer: The Target Recoil Spring has only 2 coils at the end, the High Velocity has 3. The High Velocity spring is at the bottom of the picture below. The target Recoil Spring is at the top.

Upgrade for Ruger BX-25 Magazine
Dealers Contact your Distributor:
Chattanooga Shooting Supply, Inc.
Chattanooga Shooting Supply, Inc.
Ellett Brothers
Jerrys Sport Center

What Can ZiP™ Do? - A Lot!
ZiP with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP™ with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP Gun with optional accessories

Above: ZiP™ Gun BlueZiP™ Alien Grey, and ZiP™ Gun Coyote.

ZiP Mag ZX-30
ZiP with ZiPPic Rail
ZiP with ZiPNite Rail
ZiP with ZiPSBR Rail
BattleZiP shown in storage position.
BattleZiP™ shown in storage position.
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