ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLACK 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-RED 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-YELLOW 1060 Pelican
ZiP Ghost Rail Standard Fixed Sight
ZiP Rail Bundle
ZiP Std. Fixed Sight Rail
ZiPNite Rail
ZiP™ Operator Upgrades
BattleZiP Survival SBR
ZiP 100% Life Kit
ZiP Action Hold Back
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Mag ZX-10 Round Compliant 10+10
ZiP Mag ZX-15 Round Compliant 15+10
ZiP Mag ZX-30 Complete Factory upgrade
ZiP Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade Kit for BX-25
ZiP MAXIM Orange Action Hold Back
ZiP MAXIM Orange Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade Kit for BX-25
ZiP Suppressor Barrel Kit
ZiP Upgrade Kit ver. 1.0.1 aka Version 101 Kit
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ uses 10/22® Mags… you already own… even the new BX-25
Picture to show the placement of the Ruger® BX-1 Magazine.

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ZiP™ Upgrade Kit ver. 1.0.1  – aka “Version 101 Kit”

ZiP Factory Engineers have diagnosed some too tight tolerances in certain early units ONLY in this production range *****AAA130 - AAA999 and AAB100 - AAB249******  

ZiP Upgrade Kit ver. 1.0.1 ****aka "Version 101 Kit" solves the sticky mags and sticky rods issue (which may have presented as failure to feed or eject) and allows ZiP to operate under a wider set of working conditions (including use of weaker ammos... which for many users are the only ones available... for the foreseeable future...) 

The Version 101 Kit is Drop-in simple and directions are already contained in the ZiP Operator Manual and Guide for following normal disassembly.

We are pleased inform all Registered Warranty users of the pending availability of the drop - in kit. We will direct ship to all registered users in the number range above. Users must register to receive kit. There is no cost for drop-in kit. For those that have purchased a ZiP .22 LR ver. 1.0 in the above number range you must Register your Warranty to receive the free kit. 

If your ZiP .22 LR ver 1.0 is NOT in this above range, your ZiP already has this "Version 101 Kit" installed. Thank you.

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Upgrade for Ruger BX-25 Magazine
Dealers Contact your Distributor:
Chattanooga Shooting Supply, Inc.
Ellett Brothers
Jerrys Sport Center

What Can ZiP™ Do? - A Lot!
ZiP with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP™ with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP Gun with optional accessories

ZiP™ shown above with 4 accessories. 1) Optional upgrade ZiPPic™ Rail allows deployment of 2) micro “heads-up” red dot display, lower pic rail has 3) laser deployed and 4) Ruger's new BX-25  (This Mag needs the ZiP ZX-30 Upgrade Kit - stronger dual spring and follower system  - ZiP Tested with New Ruger BX-1 Rotary Magazine and CCI Blazer 40 Grain Ammo).  Learn more...

ZiP Mag ZX-30
ZiP with ZiPPic Rail
ZiP with ZiPNite Rail
ZiP with ZiPSBR Rail
BattleZiP shown in storage position.
BattleZiP™ shown in storage position.
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